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Milly Fall 2014 Runway

February 17, 2014


If you know me then you know that Milly makes up a large section of my wardrobe. I absolutely love the chic aesthetic that reflects founder and designer Michelle Smith’s keen eye and Parisian influence while working for designers like Hermes and Dior back in her early days of her successful career. While season after season Milly always delivers gorgeous shows, I personally felt her Fall 2014 runway show last week at New York Fashion Week was one of her strongest ever. Full of fur, texture and and of course glamour, the Milly Fall runway showcased flouncy skirts, glittered pants and mongolian lamb fur pieces that already have me craving next Fall (….did I really just say that?!). Here, I put together my four favorite looks and while each is different, I feel that they each capture the different elements of the Milly vision; a mix of uptown glamour meets downtown chic and of course, texture, texture, texture!



Erin Fetherston Spring 2014

February 14, 2014


Perhaps I’m biased because I interned there and absolutely loved it, but the Erin Fetherston Spring 2014 line is spot on. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Erin’s designs, she has an extremely feminine, whimsical aesthetic that just leaves you feeling glamorous, elegant and overall pulled together when you put on her clothes. The dress above has amazing texture and the rich jewel tones and satin face organza has me to excited to see this hanging in my closet.

This dress sums up two of my favorites into once piece. A fit & flare and a 3D appliqué. Knowing Erin’s vision since I worked with her, I can just imagine the mood boards in the office and merchandising that went into these pieces and this fabric in particular. It makes the dress come to life in a sense and while I’m not positive, I’d be willing to bet that the fitted part of the dress is ponte, another wonderful fabric that Erin frequently turns to in her designs.

EF_SPRING14_3This is a familiar body that we’ve seen from Erin before, back in her Resort collection where she used a rich pebble jacquard fabric in rosebud and aqua metallic. This fresh fabric’s take on one of my favorite silhouettes is sure to be a potential buy for Spring.

To see the rest of the Erin Fetherston collection, click here 

Where Have I Been?

February 13, 2014
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A couple of times a month by a number of different people I get asked the same question, “WHY DID YOU STOP BLOGGING?!” almost in disbelief as if I’d stopped breathing.  To be honest with you, there is really no reason why I stopped other than the fact that my plate was entirely too full. Between going to school, taking a full time internship my senior year and working at a Lilly Pulitzer boutique (where I made a new lifelong friend), I felt as if I had no time left to myself let alone time to keep up with my blog. The funny thing is that me being me, I’d constantly write down notes, take pictures and continue to jot down reviews in my notebook of different products, restaurants, ideas, trends & general inspiration, but I just never put pencil to paper {or in this case, finger to MacBook Air}. I spent my summer down the shore at my beach house and then began working full time as an Account Executive for Jude Connally where I met another amazing life long friend and learned so much about the business end of fashion as well as the sales and design aspects. However, I had to take medical leave in November when I spent about a month in and out of the hospital. For medical reasons, I decided to leave my job and take some time off to rest. I’m not quite ready to talk about my illness yet here on my blog, but as part of my new comeback to Class Act where I plan to be writing 4-5 times a week, I hope to raise awareness about what I have been diagnosed with and can only dream of inspiring others suffering with the same illness I have.

On a lighter note, here has been my life since my last post through pictures, because really…..who honestly reads the text anyway? 

ImageExperimenting with wavy hair & dressing up, {as always}

ImageEnjoying a lunch at Bergdorf Goodman with my mom 

ImageEnjoying my surroundings last month on vacation in Palm Beach 

ImageBrunching in the East Village with friends ImageGetting lost in a fulfilling book 

ImageStaying strong


Image…& more shopping 

ImageRelaxing at my favorite hotel in L.A. 



& as always, because life is just too fragile not to…I’ve been smiling







The Rocket

April 16, 2013

photo copy

I’ve never really been one to experiment with mascaras. Once I find something I like, I usually stick with it for a long time. That being said, I kept seeing commercials raving about this Maybelline “The Rocket” mascara and I finally decided to stretch out of my comfort zone and give it a try. In thinking about how to grade it, I decided to break it down into three categories: volume, length and overall.

Volume: B …For how much they were pumping up the Volum’Express aspect of this mascara, I was underwhelmed…but not 100% disappointed. I decided to give it a B for volume because I could see some difference in my lashes, but not what I was expecting given all the hype.

Length: A-…I was impressed with how much longer my lashes were when I put on a few coats using the wide-set wand. This gave me the perfect amount of length without being too dramatic or severe for day time wear.

Overall: B+… In being fair, I had to remind myself that this is a drag store mascara under $10.00, so of course I’m not going to get the effects of Diorshow or some other high end mascara. I think this would be great to combine with a high end grade mascara for optimal results. Where it lacks in volume, Diorshow or Bobbi Brown’s Extreme Party Mascara layered on with The Rocket could give you seriously enviable lashes.

photo copy 2

Clearasil vs. Neutrogena

April 15, 2013


For some reason or another, my face had been breaking out a few weeks ago and I finally got fed up enough that I ran out to the drug store in a huff. I haven’t used face washes specifically for acne/breakouts since high school, so why all of a sudden was this happening to me at 22? I still don’t know why but now I don’t even care because I easily found my solution. Behold Clearasil Ultra. This wash/mask combo not only cleared up my face within the week, but actually helped fade a mark on my chin as a result of the breakout. I’ve mainly been using it as a wash, but I’ve have tried the mask a few times along with my Clarisonic and it left my face feeling extremely smooth and clean after.


The consistency of the wash/mask kind of has a muddy feel to it and it even has a very soft scent that smells very spa-esque to me.


Before I bought the Clearasil, I first tried this All-in-1 Acne Control from Neutrogena. I figured it would be worth a try, but I couldn’t have been more wrong with my guess. Not only did this make my breakout worse, but I had to rewash my face again with another product because this didn’t take off any of my makeup. Needless to say, this ended up in the garbage. The only thing I liked about it was the consistency; it had scrubbing beads and a nice light smell, but all the goes out the window if the product doesn’t do its job.

A Dead Phone…?

March 11, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 1.51.59 PM

Perfect for that moment when you’re out and your phone is on 10% battery  and you start to panic. If you’re like me and hate going without a phone, these stylish and functional back up chargers are your perfect spring accessory. Check out the ones above from Lilly Pulitzer and J. Crew ranging from $28.00 to $40.00 per charger. All you have to do is charge your power mate plus and it will restore your phone back up to 70% battery life. Have a charged phone all day, everyday….no excuses!


While You’re Out…

December 23, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 3.55.08 PMWhile you’re out shopping for that last person on your list, remember to stay chic. Trust me, you never know who you’ll run into this time of the year…why not look your best when you’re unexpectedly spotted.