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The Look For Less: Palm Beach Addition

April 16, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 3.36.28 PM

Three weeks ago while I was away in Palm Beach, I walked into a Seaman Schepps store for the very first time. I had been familiar with the brand because of a jewelry store called F. Gerald New near my house which carries pieces from the line but I never realized the beauty, originality and craftsmanship* that goes into making each piece until my mom and I tried on a few things and spent a while chatting with the wonderful sales person.

Warning! The prices are scary, {hence, why I made a “Look for Less” post}, but the pictures simply DO NOT do the gems justice. Everything from rings to broaches and bracelets to necklaces outfit the exquisite jewelry cases in the store. Think of a candy store for grown ups and you’ll land yourself somewhere in the middle of a Seaman Schepps store. In doing some research, which I refer to as “fashion stalking”, I knew I could find a similar pair of earrings to the original ones I saw in the store and after some hunting, I found the perfect pair above from a company called Natobie Jewels right here in New Jersey.

*Fact about the amazing craftsmanship behind the line: at the NYC headquarters where the pieces are made, there is a person who works there whose job is to find two similar stones and match them up for a pair of earrings (be it shells, gems, etc.).*

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