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Where Have I Been?

February 13, 2014
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A couple of times a month by a number of different people I get asked the same question, “WHY DID YOU STOP BLOGGING?!” almost in disbelief as if I’d stopped breathing.  To be honest with you, there is really no reason why I stopped other than the fact that my plate was entirely too full. Between going to school, taking a full time internship my senior year and working at a Lilly Pulitzer boutique (where I made a new lifelong friend), I felt as if I had no time left to myself let alone time to keep up with my blog. The funny thing is that me being me, I’d constantly write down notes, take pictures and continue to jot down reviews in my notebook of different products, restaurants, ideas, trends & general inspiration, but I just never put pencil to paper {or in this case, finger to MacBook Air}. I spent my summer down the shore at my beach house and then began working full time as an Account Executive for Jude Connally where I met another amazing life long friend and learned so much about the business end of fashion as well as the sales and design aspects. However, I had to take medical leave in November when I spent about a month in and out of the hospital. For medical reasons, I decided to leave my job and take some time off to rest. I’m not quite ready to talk about my illness yet here on my blog, but as part of my new comeback to Class Act where I plan to be writing 4-5 times a week, I hope to raise awareness about what I have been diagnosed with and can only dream of inspiring others suffering with the same illness I have.

On a lighter note, here has been my life since my last post through pictures, because really…..who honestly reads the text anyway? 

ImageExperimenting with wavy hair & dressing up, {as always}

ImageEnjoying a lunch at Bergdorf Goodman with my mom 

ImageEnjoying my surroundings last month on vacation in Palm Beach 

ImageBrunching in the East Village with friends ImageGetting lost in a fulfilling book 

ImageStaying strong


Image…& more shopping 

ImageRelaxing at my favorite hotel in L.A. 



& as always, because life is just too fragile not to…I’ve been smiling








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