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Clearasil vs. Neutrogena

April 15, 2013


For some reason or another, my face had been breaking out a few weeks ago and I finally got fed up enough that I ran out to the drug store in a huff. I haven’t used face washes specifically for acne/breakouts since high school, so why all of a sudden was this happening to me at 22? I still don’t know why but now I don’t even care because I easily found my solution. Behold Clearasil Ultra. This wash/mask combo not only cleared up my face within the week, but actually helped fade a mark on my chin as a result of the breakout. I’ve mainly been using it as a wash, but I’ve have tried the mask a few times along with my Clarisonic and it left my face feeling extremely smooth and clean after.


The consistency of the wash/mask kind of has a muddy feel to it and it even has a very soft scent that smells very spa-esque to me.


Before I bought the Clearasil, I first tried this All-in-1 Acne Control from Neutrogena. I figured it would be worth a try, but I couldn’t have been more wrong with my guess. Not only did this make my breakout worse, but I had to rewash my face again with another product because this didn’t take off any of my makeup. Needless to say, this ended up in the garbage. The only thing I liked about it was the consistency; it had scrubbing beads and a nice light smell, but all the goes out the window if the product doesn’t do its job.


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