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Extension Lessons

November 12, 2012

A little more than three weeks ago, I was completely clueless about how hair extensions worked. I-tips, clip ins, heat bonding…I had no idea what was what. For a while now, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of dying my tips a pale pink and then just cutting them off after I got sick of it. Then reality settled in. I couldn’t part with my a few inches of my long hair being snipped off and decided to go the much safer option.

I got my first I-tip for charity in support of breast cancer awareness month. I had one pink tip put in and absolutely fell in love with it. Between cutting bangs, getting glasses and especially adding my pink strip, my friends and family couldn’t believe how different I looked with my new changes. After I had my pink tip professionally added and I had a few days to form my opinion of it, I decided that I-tips were the best option for adding extensions. Something about the clip ins just felt cheap to me and I wanted a look that was as subtle as possible. I spent a few hours one lazy afternoon researching online until I finally found the perfect shade I wanted to add in. Hair By Adriana on Etsy is my (and soon to be your), new go-to for all things extension related. She allowed me to pick the exact color that I wanted, (number 2 in the above set), and in a week, I was back at the salon getting my new I-tips added.

All of the pictures added are from Hair By Adriana’s Etsy page and she was extra accommodating with turning the clip-ins into i-tips, allowing me to have 10 tiny strips of hair for a small additional fee. The end result was exactly what I wanted, just something very subtle that blended in nicely with my blonde hair without looking overly flashy or bright. The above options that I picked in both sets are just a few of the selections Adriana has in her boutique. My person favorites are number 2 from the top set and number 3 from the bottom set, simply because of the fact that they’re the most subtle looking.


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