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All About Pants

November 12, 2012

If you know me well you’ll know that I’m rarely in anything other than a dress but lately I’ve been all about pants. The pairs above are actually all from J.Crew. Again, if you know me well…you’ll know I don’t own anything from there! Each pair makes a statement in its own way and is making me reconsider my opinion of J. Crew altogether. Paired with a bold fun sweater and bright/printed pumps, these pants take a normally sophisticated  outfit and bring it to life in a fresh yet classy manner. The bottom right pair is actually a tweed print that I fell even more in love with when I kept zooming in to get a better look. My favorite pair? A close tie between the two on top. That blood red seems to be just the right shade and depending on how the light hits them it looks like they can almost change colors. The pair on the top left? Perfect combination of fun, bold and total statement piece.


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