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Skirt the Rules

September 16, 2012

NEVER underestimate the potential impact of a statement skirt. Paired with the right shirt, accessories and shoes, any of the above skirts can easily be taken from day to evening with just a few quick edits. I’m a dress addict, but sometimes they just might not fit the occasion. The problem with a dress is that most of the time you are stuck with a certain look that might be hard to change without changing the dress itself….and sometimes, we don’t have the time to start a whole new look! What do I mean by this? Picture a flowy cotton maxi. It likely wouldn’t look right with a strappy stiletto during the day, and also wouldn’t be appropriate for a formal restaurant in the evening. Now take the sapphire blue skirt above. Pair it with a blouse and booties during the day, and easily transform in into a date worthy stunner with a shift to heels at night. This is almost guaranteed to accentuate your legs and a fun blazer to keep the look casual yet still sexy will top off the outfit.

Always remember, don’t be afraid to skirt the rules…

In # order of the top set…

1: Awear: $97.00

2: Alice & Olivia: $258.00

3: H&M: $56.00

4: Milly by Michelle Smith: {this skirt is #1 on my Fall shopping list…}


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