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Malin + Goetz

September 14, 2012

Yesterday I was eating lunch in Chelsea when something stopped me mid-meal and caught my full attention from across the street. I sat there craning my neck and said out load, “Does that sign say….Malin + Goetz?” As I abandoned my lunch to head over, I called up my mom in a fit of excitement and rushed inside. The lovely staff in the Chelsea flagship store of Erica and Delores weren’t taken back by my abrupt entrance, but instead offered me a warm greeting followed with plenty of tempting recommendations and samples. Before I was ushered over to my favorite ‘rum hand + body wash’, Delores and the adorable store mascot following behind, Frankie the dog, showed me the lovely collection of candles and introduced me to the famous eucalyptus deodorant stick. I’m eager to try my new samples of the Grapefruit Face Wash, Intensive Hair Mask and Vitamin E Face Moisturizer but for now I’m getting my Malin + Goetz fix with my ‘rum hand and body wash.’

I fell in love with Malin + Goetz after I first heard about the product while staying in the Mondrian Hotel in L.A over the summer. After discovering the samples in the bathroom, I was hooked after one shower and found myself lathering on the body moisturizer everyday. To me, having a lightweight and non-greasy feel to my moisturizer is essential…especially in the summer.

Besides the products themselves, I appreciate the simple yet appealing and functional design of the packaging. Nothing overly fussy or complex, just enough to make it stand out on the shelf. The same aesthetic is to be said for the flagship store in Chelsea. It was petite and there was plenty of merchandise, yet I found myself to not be overwhelmed by the myriad of choices in front of me.

Are you on your way yet…?

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