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Collars Up

April 23, 2012

There’s just something I love about the look of a jeweled collar. What’s important to keep in mind about either picking a shirt that has a jeweled collar or adding one as an accessory to your ensemble is to not overdo the entire look.  When it’s done the right way, the rest of the outfit should be otherwise simple that won’t compete with the bold pop of color and texture the collar tends to present.

This is a perfect example of a jeweled collar done right (it’s actually a picture I found of Hailee Steinfeld). The focus of the look draws your eye to the collar and is complimented with the pinkish-nude tones of the dress and clutch. Simple, yet incredibly stylish and elegant.

Jeweled collars don’t have to be all about the sequins or pearls. This one adds a bit of flair with gold studs and is balanced by the femininity of the sheer shirt. I love the combination of the two styles.

With its pearls and pop of rhinestones, this collar is very Audrey Hepburn and could be styled endless ways.


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