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Soft Hues

April 19, 2012

There’s probably nothing worse than the first few nice days of weather in spring when you see that person or two who suddenly looks in the mirror, realizes how pale they are, and cakes on the bronzer. STOP while you’re ahead. I find that most of the time, people who wear less face makeup usually look much better, not to mention more natural. Makeup should be about enhancing your features, not hiding them behind layers of foundation and powder.  If there’s a day where you do feel the need to go a bit heavier on your foundation from a lack of sleep or a breakout, you don’t have to show it. The key is all about blending and using the right colors for your face. One of the trickiest parts about transitioning from winter to summer makeup is finding the right shade for your skin color (which in the spring, is changing all the time depending on how much sun exposure you get).

Lately, I’ve been wearing my hair up in a high chignon and balancing out my lack of sun with a pop of pink lip stain (I’m wearing Tarte’s natural matte lip stain in Lucky above), rosy cheeks (I’m wearing Bobbi Brown blush in Tawny above) and black Diorshow mascara (only on the tips of my lashes to give them an extra long, feathery look). I love the Tarte lip stain but as I mentioned, it’s matte so after I apply it I add a bit of Vaseline lip balm on top to give it more of a soft glow and prevent that dried out look that matte’s tend to leave.

After watching the Oscar de La Rents bridal show on Monday, something dawned on me. ALL of the models and girls working the show were pale. I’m not talking ghostly white here, but I’m also not talking about the obvious tanning bed tan. They all had just a hint of color that looked natural AND appropriate for this time of the year. If you do want some color, I highly suggest Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer or even a mystic tan. I’ve done it so many times I’ve lost count! It takes 6 hours to reach its full potential so it looks perfectly natural, isn’t bad for your skin and leaves you with just a hint of color for that enviable healthy glow without that faux, streaky orange look.

Editing: All the pictures have the exposure raised to 1.13 so you can see it clearer and the shadows raised to 60 (also so you can see better)


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