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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

February 15, 2012

I purposely wait a while before I post reviews about new products I try in case I have an opinion that changes after a week or so. I’ve been using Dermalogica’s daily microfoliant for three weeks and it’s safe to say I’ve found my new exfoliant. Although I haven’t literally been using it daily as the name alludes to, it is gentle enough for daily use but not recommended at first. Like most products, when you’re adding it into your regimen, the best way is to start off slow and allow your skin time to adjust and find out if it agrees with you or not. I have combination skin, so this works for me because it isn’t too oily or too drying where my skin feels parched after using it. The problem I’ve had with past exfoliants is how harsh they can be on your skin (if it feels like you’re washing your face with sandpaper-stop!) because all this is doing is removing essential oils that your face needs and unnecessarily scraping off a layer of skin. Have you ever exfoliated your face only to have it feel overly oily and lead to a breakout just days later? We’ve all been there. It’s because you’re overdoing it! What I like about this particular product is that it gives a physical and chemical exfoliation. It has very few, gentle beads–it comes in a rice-based enzyme powder form, so when you add water it turns into a foamy wash. As the wash soaks into the skin it gives an under the surface exfoliation that a normal (say St. Ives apricot exfoliant) just doesn’t accomplish.

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