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Own The Street

February 1, 2012

If I had to think of someone who is always captured on the street looking effortlessly put together, Blake Lively would be amongst my top picks. Yes, she may have the entire Gossip Girl wardrobe and a Chanel contract at her fingertips, but Lively is known for putting together her looks herself (and often times wearing her own clothes on set). She has expressed in numerous interviews that she does not have a stylist, and this is something I admire her for. While everyone can use a little help once in a while, putting together your own outfits (when they turn out looking chic), can be instant gratification. I recreated the look Blake wore above while filming GG in Paris over the summer and thought it would be a perfect resort wear outfit. Not too fancy, not too casual, the flowing salmon pants are the perfect pop of color to be paired with the bold statement necklace. The two pieces stand out on their own, yet manage not to clash or take away from one another.

Items From Above…


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