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Spin Pin

January 20, 2012

Still knotting your bun with a hair tie? No wonder it’s popping out in minutes. Goody’s Spin Pin is easily one of my favorite must have beauty accessories for 2012. I was skeptical to try it at first and was sure that my hair would either fall out or wouldn’t be able to hold the pin at all. Needless to say, I was wrong to both. However, I have to be honest in saying that the spin pin probably isn’t for everyone. If you have extremely thick or coarse hair that is difficult to manage, you know how difficult it is to get just about anything to hold your hair in place. To put the spin pin to the test, I used my mom as a model to see if it would hold her extremely thick hair in a bun.

Start with your hair down by brushing it out.

Wrap the desired amount of hair (or as much as you think the spin pin can handle for your hair type/texture] and spin into a bun. After you have your bun in place, take the pin and literally screw it clockwise into your hair. Twist in the opposite direction to remove. I was using the pin for light color hair on my mom so that’s why you can see it sticking out a tiny bit, but they have pins for dark hair as well!

We tried a bunch of different twists and knots. Her hair is so difficult to manage. It always wants to stay perfectly straight, so we were quite impressed that the pins were able to hold her hair at all!

I absolutely loved how this turned out. Something about it looked very glamorous and runway to me. I screwed pins in from the top and bottom to achieve the cascading twist look.


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