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Living Proof: Full

January 7, 2012

I’ve been curious to try the Living Proof line for months now and while I wasn’t quite sure which product I’d try first, I finally decided on “full root lifting spray” to be my first victim for a review. Before I decided to buy the spray, I watched plenty of videos on the line and was pretty amazed with the research and development that went into the production of the product. Before it was released and sold at stores like Ulta and Sephora, it was tested and perfected by scientists for 10 years! Since my hair is naturally straight and not frizzy, I decided to try the “full” line over the other 2 lines (which are fittingly named “straight” and “frizzy”). As a side note, the straight line is supposed to be fabulous for easy, carefree hair maintenance over the summer.

I decided to try the spray three times before I officially came to the conclusion that it really did work well and it wasn’t just me relying on wishful thinking. All three times I pretty much used the same technique. I sprayed 5-10 pumps on my freshly washed roots and combed the spray throughout my hair to the ends. Then I blew out my hair and was amazed how much body it had. My layers were lifted and extra bouncy, and my hair even felt thicker than when I usually blow it out. Pure luck? Absolutely not. Living Proof created a molecule called Poly Beta Amino Ester-1. According to the Living Proof website, “The molecule mimics the look and feel of thicker hair by depositing a flexible and indestructible pattern of microscopic thickening points on each strand of hair.” The line also uses Polyfluoroester, which is patented by the company and provides a weightless, moisture-controlling molecule that fights against humidity without creating a flat, boring look.

When I twisted off the pump top and first smelled the liquid, I thought it was overpowering and came close to not buying it. Something made me change my mind and I’m happy I did, because when I finally used it for the first time the smell was less concentrated when I sprayed it on my hair in quick puffs.

Overall, I’d recommend this to someone who is looking to enhance the body and movement of their blow out, but I wouldn’t say this is something you should absolutely run out and buy tomorrow. What I liked most about this product compared to others I’ve tried that are designed to achieve the same results is that Living Proof made my hair have excellent body, yet still managed to keep it incredibly soft instead of crunchy and full of build-up after three uses.


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