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Winter Essential: Avoplex by OPI

December 14, 2011

Over the past week I’ve been noticing that the lack of moisture in the air and temperature drop has left my cuticles more dry than usual. I decided that before it got out of hand (no pun intended), it was time to commence my hunt for a cuticle oil. I had it in my head that finding something without a sticky or overly oily/greasy feel was going to be difficult, but luckily, I found Avoplex by OPI right away. If you’ve been having the same problem as me, or just want to prevent dry, cracked, unattractive looking cuticles for the winter, then add Avoplex to your list.

First off, I loved the packaging. The “to go” style tube with its twist off cap makes for convenient use and wasn’t messy when I used it. However, definitely be careful when you press the tube the first time because the oil came out quickly for me and dispensed a bit more than I needed.

The soft brush tip delivers Vitamin E, avocado, sunflower and sesame oils right to your nail bed. My only complaint about this would be that when I first put it on, I thought it smelled like watermelon. Personally, I hate anything watermelon flavored so this was a major turn off for me. Oddly, the smell went away after a few minutes so it ended up not really being a major concern.

Even hours after I had applied the oil, my cuticles still looked and felt hydrated. [As a side note, I bought my tube at Ulta for $7].


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