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Sheer Blonde or Sheer Joke?

December 7, 2011

If you’re and blonde and you’re reading this, then you’re either looking at the picture above with disgust and rolling you eyes or smiling and wondering what I’m about to say about your beloved shampoo/conditioner combo. Well, here are my feelings: MIXED! My issue with this is that like most hair products, it’s important to remember to have major caution when buying into the promises that they hold above you. If you aren’t blonde to begin with, don’t expect using this shampoo and conditioner to somehow activate the highlights in your hair and turn you an entire shade lighter (not happening!) However, if you’re blonde to begin with, I find that this product is similar to Shimmer Lights but not as effective. I find my hair to feel dry after using this (I’m taking about ONLY using these 2 products and not combining with a deep conditioning treatment or Moroccan oil). The bottle promises to see results after only one use (compared to the ‘Go Blonder’ line), which is supposed to have a gradual effect. I really find this to be give and take. You can either choose to have hair that yes, may look a bit blonder after using but at the same time feels limp and be craves moisture. My other bit of advice with using this is to not substitute a shampoo or conditioner for getting your highlights touched up! Let’s face it, your hair grows and if you highlight it, they are eventually going to grow out. While you can find a shampoo combo that restores and protects your existing color and highlights, don’t expect it to create something that isn’t there to begin with.


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