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Lather Up

November 21, 2011

To me it doesn’t even feel like the holidays are around the corner (or even winter for that matter), considering that it hasn’t been that cold out. However I noticed this weekend for the first time that my hands were beginning to feel a bit dry and knew it was time to start the hunt for the right hand and body cream. In searching for a hand cream, I wanted to keep a few things in mind:

1. Something with relatively small packaging that I can throw in my bag and bring everywhere

2. Something with a very faint scent or nothing at all so that my perfume won’t clash

3. Nothing too heavy that will leave my hands feeling greasy or oily that will just make me feel like washing them leaving me dry again

I must have spent about 25 minutes in the store secretly trying on a few different lotions until I found something that I really liked,  but it was worth all the testing. When I finally decided on the products above I was quite happy. If you have to pick just one then definitely go with the hand cream. The scent is so light and kept my hands super soft and smooth for hours, even after I washed them once. Without feeling greasy or sticky I was left with just the right amount of hydration.

As far as the body cream goes, I wouldn’t call this your typical body butter. It has an airier consistency than what you think of as a usual butter [which is typically thick and creamy], so I don’t know if I agree with the packaging that it’s “deep moisture.” However, it made my elbows super soft and I was satisfied overall.


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