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The Looks For Less : Alexis Bittar

November 8, 2011

-Kole Design-

A few weeks ago we got the earrings pictured above in at work and something about them kept catching my eye. I wasn’t sure if it was the fact that they might have reminded me of something I’ve seen before or maybe I just really liked them. It finally dawned on me that they had a very similar feel to the Alexis Bittar earrings (below), that I saw not too long ago. Obviously there are some differences between the two in appearance, but the overall feel is similar. I think the pair above look more expensive and cuter in general but that could just be me. Don’t get me wrong, I own Alexis Bittar pieces and I think his designs are incredible but the earrings below for $175 don’t compare to the pair above for only $25. This is a classic example of how something more expensive isn’t always better quality. Both pairs of earrings are gold plated and don’t have real stones!

-Alexis Bittar-

I chose this particular pair of earrings to compare to the two above because it’s a combination of the copper and gold tones in each pair of the Kole Design earrings.


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