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October 28, 2011

My mom and I have been seriously Sabon obsessed since we discovered it in the city back when I was in high school. Even before I fell in love with the products, I fell in love with the store. The first one I was ever in was their Spring Street location and it was designed so simply yet made we want to try everything. The rustic decor and incredible old-fashioned looking sinks with foot pumps to access the water made it so fun to try out washes and scrubs.

While all three of the products above are incredible, if you only pick one make it the body scrub! This scrub is intense and should  be used sparingly on your body [don’t let this get anywhere near your face!] Usually when I see something that is a vanilla coconut scent I’m wary to try it [I instantly think of something overbearing and have flashbacks to Bath and Body Works in middle school], but this particular scent is so light and smells incredible after you’re done showering. Every time I use this I swear to myself that I’ll have the same results, yet it seems like my skin always feels a little softer with each use.

*Warning-when you open the jar there is about 1/1.5 inches on oil at the top which combines with the salt to give you insanely soft skin. This can get a little messy so be careful!*


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