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Give the Guy a Break

October 26, 2011

Although I highly doubt many (if any at all) boys read my blog, I decided to focus on a few men’s products that I have personal experience with. I know a boy who used to and probably still does use the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel pictured above. He has the most flawless skin and even complexion of any other boy I’ve come across (besides my brother).  Beautiful skin for males, like females, starts with the basics. Diet, lifestyle choices, sleep and then products. This energizing scrub is perfect to prep your skin with before lathering up to shave.

Another attractive thing about these products is their simple packaging and scent. Nothing is too strong in smell or overly masculine; just a clean enough scent and feel to leave you fresh-faced. This face wash is packed with nutrients and won’t dry out your skin when you need to look your best at work and school.

No boys, moisturizer is not girly! It’s sexy when you take care of yourself. You work hard in the gym so why cut back on your skin care routine? Especially as we head into the chillier months and before you head out to your tailgate and football game, moisturize your skin (and lips) to prevent dryness and tightness in your face.


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