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Alice Tait

October 17, 2011

[I’m not even a cat lover, but there was something about this that I was drawn to–must be the bow]

I’m pretty much always on the hunt for discovering new things that inspire me [from clothes, to prints, to recipes that I’ll eventually try], and when I came across the artist Alice Tait a few weeks ago I fell in love with her watercolor prints. She’s done quite a few book covers and illustrations, but she also sells some of her prints as well as stationary on her website I recently decided that I’m going to change the color of my bathroom and replace some pictures on the walls. I’ve been saying for years how much I want a map of Paris in my room and was happy to stumble upon the one above. I initially thought I wanted something rustic over my bed [to follow along with the very French feel of my bedroom], but there’s something about the simplicity of the watercolor map above that might be just perfect on one of my bathroom walls.

So simple yet adorable.

I love how this looks as though it’s unfinished with the white bare patches and very slight red bleeding outside the line of the shoe.

Loved the colors in these flats. I thought this would make pretty stationary.


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