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Protect Your Pout

October 13, 2011

Recently, it was requested that I do a post about lip balms and it couldn’t have come at a better time. You should be wearing something on your lips everyday [not just in the winter] but nevertheless, as we head into the chillier months it’s essential to protect your pout. Who wants dry cracked lips? Not chic. 

You can tell the Bobbi Brown balm above has been used more than a few times [pardon the scratches], but there’s a reason I reach for this same lip balm over and over–it works! When I find something that delivers results that I’m happy with, especially something as sensitive as lips, I stick to it. It has a very light & fresh, yet incredibly gentle scent.

 It may have a grapefruit pink hue to it in the tin, but it is completely colorless when you apply it so no matter what gloss or lipstick you wear over it you won’t have to worry about a clash of colors.

Aquaphor should be a staple in everyone’s bathroom! It’s jelly like consistency may be thick, but this is wonderful to load on at night [AFTER applying lotion] on areas like you knees, feet [with cotton socks], elbows and lips to act as a barrier and lock in moisture.

Again, don’t let the hue fool you. It has the color of a manila envelope in the jar, but is completely clear on your skin.

I keep one of these handy everyday & everywhere I go. It’s simple, gets the job done and always leaves my lips extra moisturized no matter what time of the year it is. *Warning-there is no SPF in this, so if you’re heading out into the sun, this isn’t your best option. Luckily, I have something that is…*

My summer go-to. Not only is the packaging design perfect for the season but I absolutely love the color this leaves on my lips when I apply it before the beach. It leaves a very faint white/silvery shine that glistens in the sun and leaves me knowing I won’t burn after a day à la plage. I’ve also never had a problem with it melting in my bag, and it lasts a fairly long time.


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