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Basic Everyday Makeup Routine

September 23, 2011

For me, everyday makeup is about highlighting a healthy, glowing complexion that looks natural and effortless. French women (known for their beautiful skin amongst other things) have mastered the art of wearing makeup without looking like they have anything on at all, and this is really a look I feel highlights natural beauty. Up until my junior year of high school I had horrible skin and was actually put on Accutane. Deciding to take it was probably one of the best decisions of my life being that my face cleared up within months and I’ve had a totally clear face for years now without any scars, marks or side effects. It was around the same time that I started becoming very interested in skin care and knew that now that I had the skin I always dreamed of, I had to keep my face healthy, clean and blemish free. It may look like there is a lot in the picture above, but it really is very little once you see it on [some of the products I don’t use everyday either]. I’ve been using Bobbi Brown for about 4 years now and I don’t think I’ll ever switch. Her products work extremely well with my skin, and feel so light and natural on my face.

5 Everyday Essentials to a Natural, Effortless Look:

1. Tinted Moisturizer [extremely natural looking, who needs foundation? I’m only 20!]

2. Under eye concealer [for any dark circles]

3. Blush [adds a hint of color]

4. Mascara [accent your gorgeous eyes]

5. Subtle gloss or lip balm [who wants cracked lips? not chic]

The open compact is a Bobbi Brown corrector and the closed is a cream concealer. I use the corrector first for any dark circles I might have [I usually don’t get them] and then I follow with the concealer to finish off my eyes.

I swear by this tinted moisturizer. 20 year olds do not need to be wearing heavy mounds of face makeup caked on–this is doing nothing but clogging your pores! Let your skin breathe and make the switch to tinted. This particular one has SPF 15 in it, so it’s perfect for everyday sun exposure protection. However, if you plan on taking pictures with the flash on this can cause your skin to look shiny so be mindful of that for big events.

I never used to use bronzer until I went to college. Even still, I only use a little but it really does make a huge difference to your look. The key to creating a natural looking glow is having the right brushes and blending evenly. Putting bronzer on key areas [cheeks, a dash on your nose and forehead] is the key to not looking overdone.

I first started using this blemish stick after I grew tired of my Bobbi one. I was experimenting with a few other options before I came across this and really took a liking to it. I don’t use this everyday-only if I need it, but it blends wonderfully by using a concealer brush [I use the same brush for my under eye makeup].

One of my best guy friends uncle owns a factory where all of the Dior makeup is made and last month he bought me DiorShow. It was actually my first time using it, but I knew as soon as I put the first stroke on my lashes that I was addicted. The thick brush does wonders and I haven’t had a problem with clumping.

It takes me less than 10 minutes to do my makeup everyday.

* I didn’t include any of my brushes here except my brow brush that I use daily. The dark eye shadow that you see in the top picture is only something I use once in a while and it actually isn’t used as eye shadow but as a very subtle way to give my eyebrows an airbrushed look. I used a slanted brush and very gently stroke to give them a polished finishing touch*

*My nail color is brand new from the Essie winter collection. It has dolphin grey/velvet blue tones in it. ‘Cocktail Bling’*

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