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Tart Deco

September 22, 2011

When I was putting this look together, what I want to accent most besides the incredible salmon color was the geometric & art deco looking elements in the movement of the lines in the dress, shoes and bag. This look can surprisingly be really dressed down if you needed it to be. With just the dress, sunglasses and the scarf, [maybe even remove the belt if you wanted to be more casual], you could create an instantly laid back, yet chic look without too many accessories. For heading out on a lunch date, the shoes and clutch would make perfect accents and pops of contrast again the bold salmon. They would add another element of interest to the outfit without taking away from the two main pieces. This jacket is a wonderful investment and would be a perfect weekend outfit paired with dark jeans, a simple top, statement bracelets and bold colored flats. Experimenting with bold colors like this can be a major yes when paired the right way and in the right proportions.

*I wouldn’t necessarily put all of these accessories together at the same time, but I did in this collage just to show the number of ways you could pick and choose your outfit options*

*Also, Tart Deco is the name of a beautiful Essie color that I’d highly suggest*

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