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Ode to St. Ives

September 21, 2011

I’ve used a few different St. Ives body washes and for the most part have really liked them all. Usually you’re guaranteed a clean feeling without your skin feeling tight and dry after. However, St. Ives really got it wrong with their new “Triple Butters” wash that I recently bought and tried. I even gave it two tries to be certain that I wasn’t being a tough critic, but the second wash only sealed my opinion. I can’t deny that my skin felt incredibly soft after I got out of the shower [even before I applied moisturizer], but there was one important factor that ruined all the over positives about the wash.

When I squeezed out the wash between my palms and smelled it, I actually made a face. It smelled like a combination of a bakery and one of those Yankee candles that are too strong and give you a headache. Don’t get me wrong I love bakeries, but smelling like a cookie just makes me think of when I wore Pink Sugar back in my middle school days. If you’re looking for something like that then I’d suggest the St. Ives vanilla body wash [a much milder version of the Triple Butters wash] the next time you’re at the store.

This has been my go-to exfoliant for my face since the summer. I use this wash 2-3 times a week and I haven’t cheated on it with another for a good reason. Other scrubs I’ve used have felt far too gritty and harsh on my face leaving me feeling like my skin would be raw by the time I washed it off. Every time I’ve used the apricot scrub my skin [especially around my nose], has felt incredibly soft and my pores felt completely pure. While washing, I never felt like I was scrubbing off my skin or using anything that would leave me looking red and irritated after. Also, I’ve never broken out from using the scrub which is definitely another positive. While everyone’s skin type is different, I think this exfoliant is a safe bet for most types.

Mustard? No, just your first step to a healthy glow.

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