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Booted Up

September 19, 2011

Over the summer I made a promise to myself that the very first thing I would buy this fall would be the perfect pair of riding boots. I wanted to find something that I could have for seasons to come and wouldn’t grow tired of after a while. With a simple sweater dress and a twilly [or the ever popular this season-fur collar], pairing the right outfit with riding boots can easily create a timeless look.

I first  saw these boots on the Neiman website and they instantly caught my eye. I’m a bit disappointed in how this picture turned out, but capturing the truly beautiful essence of the boots wasn’t easy because of their dark black color. Even just from seeing them online, I had a feeling that I had finally found my pair of boots before I had ever seen them in person. The iconic Giancini buckle is understated and doesn’t elicit a flashy look.

So to anyone looking for the perfect pair of classic fall boots here are my recommendations:

1. Quality over quantity [I’d prefer one or two quality pairs of boots over a closet full of something that won’t last]

2. Stick to a pair without cumbersome hardware or straps

3. Think classic colors; [black, brown, etc.]

And if I wasn’t already sold before, the sole stole me.

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