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Divine Design: Weekend D.I.Y Edition

April 11, 2011

Recently, a friend of mine and her sister bought a beautiful beach house and have been doing a fabulous job decorating and finishing it to enjoy in time for summer. Last Friday, we hunkered down at her house and spent the rainy afternoon outfitting a valance for their dining room. Her uncle had carved out the wood so we needed to cover the valance before adding on the perfectly summery paisley fabric.

Lining the valance with the foamy cushion was tricky and time-consuming because we had to be consistent with keeping it from bunching up or becoming uneven before we stapled the fabric down.

In a little over an hour, we had the valance lined and ready to be covered with the fabric. *As a side note, if you are thinking about redecorating your summer home, steer away from predictable light houses and sail boats that will eventually be dated in a few years (if they aren’t already). Choose timeless, durable pieces that can last you summer after summer that have a causal and inviting feel without being boring. Opting for a variety of different textures and colors that you wouldn’t normally put in an everyday home are another way to add architectural interest.* (This is something that the girls have created spot on in their new home!)

The end result was completely satisfying and turned out looking professional (if we do say so ourselves). In a little over two hours, we had completed a major detail for the room. Unfortunately, we weren’t at my friends beach house so I didn’t get to take a picture of it hanging up, but the end result in the room will look simply stunning and inviting for their first summer in their new home. Congrats girls!

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