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Hair Care Culprits

April 6, 2011

Fancy packaging, clever names and irresistible scents. These are three of the most obvious factors that hair product companies take into consideration when formulating a new shampoo and conditioner line. Their thinking: How can we lure in the customer who already has every product under the sun to try yet another line of shampoo? In addition to what I mentioned above, trending to the latest fad is obviously one route that a company may choose. Lately, brazilian blow outs, keratin treatments & SLS free products (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) are the most recommended treatments by stylists. Advertising for a line of both “Keratin Care and Sodium free” shampoo and conditioner seems like a dream come true. However, when do you know if you’re getting the real deal or just buying a name brand instead of an honest and quality product. You may think I’m being ridiculous (we’re talking about hair right?), but when you actually find out what is in SLS trust me, you’ll think twice about what you are washing your hair with. SLS is commonly used to cut grease and clean garage floors and engines. Didn’t you ever wonder how shampoo cleans your hair? Truthfully speaking, who really ever thinks about how it works, just so long as it’s getting the job done, right? WRONG!

The moral of the story? Read about what you’re buying. Turning over the bottle and looking at the ingredients could save you from a hair disaster! The new Rusk line pictured above lies about their shampoo. They claim to be “sodium free” yet SLS is in third ingredient in the endless list on the back of the bottle. So don’t let the heavenly smell, soothing colors and simplicity of this seemingly dream product fool you for a must-have new line…and if you’ve already bought it, no need to worry, you can still use it to clean your garage floor.

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