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Guessing Game

April 5, 2011

It’s obvious that it isn’t necessary to buy new basics every year, but it is important to switch them up from time to time making them look fresh and exciting. Adding a statement necklace to a relatively plain outfit could be the perfect way to give your ordinary look a whole new upgrade. Statement necklaces aren’t jewelry that I would recommend investing a ton of money on since you’ll most likely grow tired of them after a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some pieces for relatively inexpensive prices. The above  necklaces range from less than $10 to about $400 but if you ask me, the less expensive necklaces can easily be mistaken for hundreds. Can you guess which prices match with which necklace?

Here are the different necklace & their designers (not in order….)

A. Rachel Zoe for QVC Polka Dot Pyramid Necklace-$89.50

B. Spring Street Floral Connection Necklace- $40

C. Milly Ribbon Necklace-$245

D. Kate Spade-Sea Glass Twisted Statement Necklace-$395

F. Forever 21 Under the Sea Necklace-$7.80

G. Kate Spade Enchanted Garden Necklace-$275

*Correct answers: 1. D.  2. A  3. F  4. B   5. G    6. C

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