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April 1, 2011

People often ask me what I use when I blow out my hair. To me, the key is simplicity. I’ve actually never owned a straightener (mostly because I’ve never needed one), but also because I think you should accept your hair type. You can almost always tell when someone is trying to fight their hair type. When you get an amazing cut and use the right products that work for your hair texture and type it can do wonders to your entire look.

Luckily, my hair can be either straight or wavy. As much as I envy tight ringlets, it just isn’t going to happen for me. I recently decided to try two Fekkai products, Protein Rx and Full Blow Volume. I opted to give each one a fair chance before I officially gave my review and I must say I’m surprisingly pleased. The Protein Rx isn’t actually meant for styling, it is a strengthening spray that is full of milk and soy proteins that I’ve noticed have left my hair looking lustrous and not feeling heavy with product. Please, if you come across a product that makes your hair feel greasy and heavy then check to see how much you’re putting in before you throw it out–you might be the problem, not the product!)

Lately, on days when I don’t blow out my hair I’ve been opting to wash it at night and put it in a loose bun before I go to bed which leaves me with natural waves that I’ve quite recently grown to love. Of course it looks best when I first wake up, but then straightens out after a few hours. I decided to give Full Blown Volume a try for an extra boost. The smell is a fresh and light and I absolutely love how it leaves my hair touchable and not stiff feeling full of gel or spray like some products do after you finish styling.

Remember, even if you don’t put a protein substance in your hair before blowing it out, it is imperative to use a heat protectant serum, spray, milk, cream etc. to prevent damaging your ends and keeping your layers fresh. I haven’t cut my hair since November (which is terrible-you should get a trim every 6 weeks or so) and yet my layers and ends still look fresh because I avoid damage at all costs!

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