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Preppy From Head To Toe

March 10, 2011

Behold, a classic staple in the truly preppy wardrobe (or dream wardrobe I should say). Starting at $300 and up, Stubbs & Wooton for men and women are the slipper of choice for ultimate sophistication. While the styles are a little much at times, they can certainly be toned down as well. You definitely need to know how to work these before you even consider buying a pair (they aren’t for everyone). The women’s slippers are mostly less understated than the men’s, but I love both lines equally in their own ways.

To pull of even the simplest of Stubbs & Wooton slippers for a guy you need to be… 1. ready to get some stares from people who can’t appreciate the craftsmanship of the shoe  2. have the outfit to back up the fashion risk you are about to take  3. be confident and sexy. Each slipper gives off a very different look trending from casual “lunch date by the pool” slipper to “get out your pipe and robe” slipper. Truly for a sophisticated, stylish man.

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