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Product Reviews: Arbonne & Essie

March 2, 2011

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to an Arbonne skin care party and decided to go see what the line was all about. After much hesitation (I’m pretty set in my skin care regimen), I decided to try out the two products above. I only got them both a week ago, but since I’ve been using them I’ve already fallen in love.

My skin feels completely hydrated after I’m done washing my face before I even put moisturizer on. With it’s very faint strawberry scent and light feeling formula on my face (especially with the mask-I hate harsh masks when you can’t move your face for 15 minutes), I have to say I’m rather impressed. If you’re looking for a new cleanser I’d suggest trying this out. Unless I suddenly break out in a rash from the product (and you will know if I do), I give it my stamp of approval.

Even before I knew who the reps selling the products were at the party, I noticed that there was one woman in particular with absolutely beautiful skin. It had such a glow to it that really made me notice her, and regardless of whatever she washed her face with, I knew at some point during the night I was going to pull her aside for a chat. Sure enough, she told me her secret was the Arbonne Intense Hydrating Mask 2-3 times a week. Part of my new regimen? Absolutely. I’ve already seen results after just 2 uses (and trust me, I’m a tough critic on myself).


*For those of you wondering, I’m wearing Essie “Sand Tropez” on my nails. This is without a doubt my new go-to neutral color. It is a brand new color, part of the spring 2011 collection “French Affair.” (Clearly just from the name I was already obsessed before I even saw the colors.)*

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