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Getting Down to Business

February 16, 2011

Recently, I was asked by someone for advice about business and office attire. Although I can’t say that I have to work in a business setting where traditional “work clothes” are required, I do strongly feel that you should never sacrifice looking chic, sophisticated, and pulled together in order to be taken seriously in an office setting. Even if your work place isn’t necessarily full of fashionistas, it doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming, or even expensive to transform your standard work attire into office chic. I decided to break down essential key pieces that would make a wonderful base to any growing (or maybe just starting) collection of classy office attire. Above, I thought I would start with an overcoat/trench. Not only can the right trench easy pull together a rather boring outfit, but they are classic and can easy transition with almost any look from day to evening. A neutral color such as black, nude, beige (or if your eventually daring enough), a bold red would truly make a statement.

Truthfully, who wants to be stuck in pants everyday? Most people reject skirts and dresses out of fear of discomfort, but this is something that couldn’t be further from the truth. With the right fitting dress or skirt, and stockings (made of comfortable material of course) you’ll never want to turn back-trust me. The skirts I chose to share above have both texture and volume instead of your traditional run of the mill “office skirt” (which does nothing for your style status, or your figure!)

The dresses I chose above are perfect for the office because they aren’t too stuffy or serious, nor are they too casual or sexy (the one on the right can be paired with a black cardigan for extra coverage). I personally loved how the blue dress was a play off of a men’s Oxford and the tweed dress just screamed classic Chanel. If you don’t usually wear dresses or are just starting to get into them, opt for a wrap dress that is jersey material, flowing away from the body. This flatters just about any body type and will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the day ahead in style. (Diane von Furstenberg is famous for her wrap dresses in bold and fun patterns).

I left this collage for last because it is the least important of essential office staples. Investing in key basics is a safe way to begin shopping for the office, and eventually you can build your wardrobe by mixing it up with fun skirts like the one above. I also showed how the look could be more wintry (with the black blouse on the top right) and then transition right into the warmer moths with the white ruffled Anne Fontaine sleeveless blouse. You can be stylish in the office, (even if you job doesn’t call for it-start the trend!)

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