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Nutella Ravioli

January 12, 2011

With my newly discovered love for Nutella, I found myself searching all last week for recipes using the delicious hazelnut spread. On Sunday I decided to take my chances at frying for the first time ever. I watched a video on Giada’s Nutella ravioli and thought that it wouldn’t be too hard. The results were delicious, but the cooking process didn’t go as well as I expected. After nearly setting off the fire alarm and making the entire house stink of frying oil, I finally had my ravioli. I coated them with some powered sugar for a finishing touch. If you’ve ever had a zeppola before it tasted similar to one, just not as fluffy since I used wonton wrappers to give them an extra crunch.

I used a paint brush to coat all 4 sides with an egg wash. It was very easy to make, just 1 egg and 2 tablespoons of milk. The sticky liquid acted as a glue to hold the Nutella inside the wrapper while it was cooking in the oil.

I placed about a spoonful in the center of each wrapper and gently folded it over making sure the Nutella didn’t ooze out the sides, (and the few times that it did you can be sure I didn’t mind eating the mess). Then I carefully placed each ravioli into the bubbling vegetable oil for about 15 seconds (depending on how hot your oil is you might need more or less time). I wanted my wrappers to have a light golden brown color but if you prefer them to be more crisp, just leave them cooking for a bit longer.

Some of the completed ravioli just waiting to be eaten! Also, for those of you like myself who have never fried before, don’t underestimate hot oil! When I was taking out one of the ravioli, I accidentally hit the side of my ring finger against the sifter–ouch!

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