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Milly vs. Forever 21 Challenge: Part 2

January 10, 2011

This is the outfit I chose to recreate. In total, the skirt and top came out to $555. Both were found on the Milly website, (aka my heaven)

A while ago, I did a Milly vs. Forever 21 challenge to see if I could create a beautiful Milly look for the price of Forever 21 using only their pieces. Needless to say, the look turned out to be quite similar for under $50. So I while perusing the pre-Spring Milly line, I decided to see if I could create another look for way less. I have to say it’s really amazing the kinds of deals you can find if you just sit down and search. It took me a little less than a half hour using only the Forever 21 website as my resource to recreate the Milly look. Here’s what I found…

The top alone was $265

The bottom was $295

Now, here is what I found on the Forever 21 website…

The top was $22.80

The skirt was $19.80.

Also, the Forever 21 pieces weren’t paired together, I had to search (but not too hard) to find something similar to the Milly look. Are they exactly the same? Of course not, but they’re pretty close. Besides questions of clothing quality and where Forever 21 really manufactures their clothes (not to mention the kinds of people who make them) when you’re looking strictly at the clothes alone, the match up is undeniably reminiscent of the Milly look.

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