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Tights Time

January 5, 2011

If you know me, you know I live my life in dresses and skirts. Below freezing with snow on the ground? Not a problem. I’ll be outside with my tights and a dress. Recently, I was gifted my first pair of Wolford tights and I must say, the hype is true. The minute I put them on I could feel the difference from any other pair I own. I was so surprised by how well they fit my body and how extremely soft and comfortable they were the minute I put them on. They aren’t completely opaque and they aren’t heavy tights either, so that is the one downfall of wearing them in the lovely New Jersey winter climate. I have quite a few pairs of Hue tights although I have to say, if you wear hosiery as much as I do then Hue won’t last you very long because even though I hand wash them, they tend to wear out or rip fairly fast. If your thinking about buying new tights, I’d highly suggest Wolford as your go to (I know I’ll never turn back).

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