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Links of London vs. Dodo

January 4, 2011

When I first saw the signs that  a Dodo store was coming to Short Hills Mall I nearly screamed. Finally, the rising Italian jewelry company that I’ve been loving for over a year now is making its way to the U.S. Over the summer, I bought my first Dodo charm bracelet in Perugia, Italy and for Christmas I was gifted a beautiful angelfish charm from my best friend to add to my collection.

Upon first glance, the bracelet looks similar to the Links of London charm bracelet, but when you see them in person the differences clearly stand out. The links on the Dodo are much smaller and can be removed with a needle-like device that they have in the store (which I would love to get my hands on eventually, but I doubt they sell). The  circles on the Links bracelet cannot be taken off, so when the charms are added they look too chunky and overpowering for the bracelet.

I prefer the simplicity of the Dodo bracelet versus the Links. Price wise they are comparable, but the Dodo is more expensive because each charm (sold seperately) is handmade 18 carat gold, and the bracelet itself comes with no charms (only a gold ring around the clasp). Links of London, (which is comparable to Tiffany’s for United States) was huge in Italy when I visited this past summer, but Dodo is quickly on the rise as well. With boutiques quickly popping up in all the most fashionable spots of the world, I expect Dodo to really take off in the U.S. by the mid summer once their boutique in Manhattan opens.


Make yourself a Dodo account on their website :  dodo !

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