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The Art of a Knot

November 23, 2010

Who knew there was such an art to tying a knot? Since my mom and I have been frequenting the Hermes counter at NM for some time now, we’ve become friendly with one of the ladies who every so often gives me the knotting cards for the season. Not only do I love them because I get to see a variety of beautiful scarves paired with an outfit, but I adore the creative ways that Hermes knots and styles their scarves.

Dresses, turbans, arm bands, they’ve come up with it all. Since the scarves are made out of silk, knotting them can be tricky because they easily slip. Trust me, I know from personal experience when I was trying to put together my favorite card once, which is the 2 scarf shirt tied over the shoulders. If done right, the finished look of the knots can turn heads.

The two scarves above are relatively easy to make, a sleeveless “shirt” (which looks amazing in the back because it’s open), and a petit papillon or “little butterfly” in French (the card on the right). The front picture shows the knot, and the back of the card has a sketch with a visual how-to.

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