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Gossip Girl: a clothing & interior design inspiration?

November 18, 2010

Maybe I’m the only one crazy enough to notice anything besides the beautiful clothes on Gossip Girl, but the artwork and the set itself is just as eye-popping as the outfits. Since Serena moved into her own room at Blair’s I’ve become obsessed with the artwork hanging over her bed, (shown in the above picture), and just had to find out more about it. Paul Villinski, who is the talented artist behind the piece, makes the butterflies and birds out of items that he finds, mostly aluminum cans (who would have guessed!?) He also makes beautiful miniature aircraft pieces, and does quite a bit with shadow and light.  The piece I featured down below was actually made in 2007 and was displayed in Montclair, NJ … if it’s still there I’m definitely taking a drive!

Ready to make your own version of a Villinski piece? Urban Outfitters has wall decorations that give the same effect and feel as the Villinski butterflies for only $40!

Gossip Girl Set

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