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A Peek Into My Style

November 10, 2010

Not only am I in love with Milly, but I’m inspired by Michelle Smith, the designer  behind the label. Her biography and background with everything she has accomplished is everything I can only hope to be one day. Every season, her line reflects my style perfectly, and I usually end up with a few pieces. Not only did her pre-fall collection make me have major fashion envy, but her fall and winter collections incorporate a Parisian chic that makes every look perfectly put together and polished.

I have a jacket similar to this in black, but this shade of pink was so unordinary for Winter, it just stuck out to me.

Anyone who knows me personally knows I live in a dress and tights, even in the midst of a snow storm! Also, Milly recently teamed up with Hue to do a line of tights for Fall. So many wonderful styles. I went to Bloomingdales to go buy a few pairs last week, but ended up opting for some several pairs that weren’t Milly because the quality in the Milly tights was poor, and would definitely snag within 3 or 4 wears.

In last night’s Gossip Girl, Blair was sporting this exact top (except hers was long sleeve and a black a white color scheme)

This is actually a sweater dress, perfect for a comfortable, yet not sloppy feel for a day when you just want to throw on sweats. (Ugh, but please don’t!)

If you notice, some of the models are wearing a bright red color on their nails. This Essie color in Fifth Avenue is flattering shade for most skin tones.

This is actually a new Essie color for their Winter collection called Hot Coca. I’m wearing it on my nails this week and I’m finding it to be an amazing neutral.

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  1. November 15, 2010 8:34 pm

    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous ! LOVE that pink Jacket – such a great color!



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