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Vest Buy

November 9, 2010

Today’s dreary weather seriously made me crave me one thing: fur! (and a hot shower). Hopefully no animal rights activists will be reading this post, but I have a love for fur and skins. Last year, I inherited this gorgeous mink jacket from my grandma and it’s been sitting in my closet for months. The colors in the jacket look amazing with my light coloring and blonde hair, (just as it did on my grandma). As a side note-isn’t there just something about the timeless look of fur that makes every girl (and guy) smile? The illusions to the 1920’s flappers or the elegant upper class women which fur was associated with back in the day makes me yearn to go back in time.

As much as I love the full jacket, I’ve seriously been considering having it made into a vest. The pros and cons to this are definitely strong on either side, but either as a jacket or a vest: it would still be beautiful. It is a little big on me right now, so making it into a vest would probably allow me to get more use out of it, one of the main reasons why I’m considering the alteration. Also, turning it into a vest would allow for a more casual, everyday feel that I could dress up or down. I’d also like to update the zipper into something a bit more up to date. I think it would be a fabulous investment that would keep me warm for seasons to come, not to mention be passed down to my children one day (ahh, scary thought!)

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