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Date Night

November 4, 2010

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, or going out with something for the first time, the best piece of fashion advice for what to wear or how to go about a date is to be yourself. Ugh, so cliche right, but what does that even mean? They asked you out (or maybe you asked them) to spend time with you & get to know who you are better, so don’t suddenly turn into some awkward stranger just because your out to dinner. Now for a few don’ts….

1. Don’t overdress if your someone who hates getting dressed up (unless of course your going somewhere fancy, which for a first date isn’t likely.)

2. Don’t dress super sexy if your more of the preppy type (have some self respect!)

3. Easy on the makeup and perfume, everyone knows guys like a natural face & scent anyway.

4. Don’t set rules for yourself (ex: I can’t/can say this…) before you know it you’ll clam up and the date will turn into a chore

5. Stop touching your hair 500 times. It’s so annoying (trust me, your date isn’t the only one thinking it)

Most of all, don’t try so hard! Things should happen naturally, and when the date doesn’t flow–at least you know you looked cute!

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