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Emergency Outfit

October 25, 2010

Some weeks it just seems like you don’t even have enough time for yourself let alone anyone or anything else. It’s times like lately when the midst of mid-term and halloween craziness is around us that it’s most important to have back up plans. In my case this morning, it meant back up outfits. Oversleeping past your alarm always results in a frantic wake up and dashing into the closet to throw on the first thing you see. WRONG! Always have a cute “go to” outfit for these kind of days. This way when you wake up and have only a few minutes to get ready, you can savor every minute worrying about something other than your outfit and still look adorable for the rest of the day. Don’t make your outfit suffer just because you overslept!

When putting together a last minute go to outfit, it’s a good idea to stick to layers because this way your emergency outfit will be fit for any type of weather. Make sure your outfit is versatile, and could take you from a chilly class room, to a breezy day, or a quick rain shower. Throw on some mascara and blush to look fresh and grab flats if you’ll be on the go. Keep an extra pair of sunglasses and an umbrella in the car (you’ll thank me). Emergency outfit 101, complete.

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  1. October 25, 2010 7:59 pm

    Great post, I totally agree.
    Layers is perfect for the last minute outfit because you can always switch things around anytime. I know what you mean about the cold classrooms, I swear colleges can’t get their heating system right!
    I always keep a pair of sunglasses and an umbrella in my car 🙂

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