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Quality Counts

October 15, 2010

Here in America it’s no secret that we have an abundance of just about everything. Too many nail salons, too many restaurants, you get the picture. Not that I’m saying any of this is a bad thing, but there comes a point where quality is lost to make up for quantity. This summer when I was in Europe I truly realized this. Seeing the European style of life, right down to how they eat was eye-opening. Abundance simply isn’t a major factor in their vocabulary. This is especially true for their wardrobes. In a book my mom bought me years ago called “French Women Don’t Get Fat,” there’s an entire chapter on the French style of dressing. Something that my mom taught be years before I ever went to Europe and saw it for myself was that when it comes to clothing, the key is quality over quantity. Rather than having 25 pairs of low quality pants, invest in a a few pairs that will last you for years to come. I’ve had cashmere sweaters that I’ve been able to enjoy winter after winter because I invested in quality pieces that I knew would last. Don’t think you need to spend a fortune either. Just because something is expensive doesn’t qualify it as well-made. When buying your statement pieces for the season, I advise to choose carefully. Just because a trend may be “in” could also mean that it’s 50% off next season when no one wants anything to do with it. Instead, invest in staple pieces that will carry you from year to year, season to season.

Invest in a pair of beautiful, elegant heels that you can wear for special occasions and love for years to come

The same goes for a pair of flats, (my personal favorite)

I got this fur collar for Christmas from my aunt last year. You’d be shocked what an amazing finishing touch it leaves on an outfit. I was lucky enough to inherit this gorgeous Ferragamo bag from my grandma. It was in perfect condition since she never used it, and I hope to keep it that way.

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  1. October 18, 2010 3:26 pm

    Love my Ferragamo’s

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