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Classy 101

October 14, 2010

Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana all had it. Class. What defines a woman as being classy? While some may feel it starts from the outside, I beg to differ. It’s the way you carry yourself, hold a conversation, walk, settle an argument, and anything in between. There is no guide line that says, “you must look like this, and be like this.” Everyone has class in their own way, it’s just about finding and owning it. This same guideline goes for the saying, “love the life you live, live the life you love.” No two people live exactly the same way, and do the same things that make them happy. For a long time, I felt it was wrong that what makes me happy is different from most people my age. Not living in a dorm, being in a sorority, having a roommate, and being at a school close to home made me think I was doing something wrong. But I found myself wondering recently how ridiculous this really is. What would it make me if I followed what everyone else was doing and not what I wanted to do? Why wouldn’t I spend my time doing what makes me happy?

It wasn’t until quite recently, mainly what inspired me to start Class Act again, did I realize that what makes us all different in life is how we learn. It took me a whole year to figure out what made me happiest, and it’s exactly where I am in my life right now. For example, my friends are at schools all over the map, yet when we talk almost everyday and hear each others different adventures, it makes me so fortunate to know that we all love and accept each other for the things we do and don’t do. Inner happiness, confidence and most importantly, accepting your differences will bring forward your best self to the rest of the world. To me, that makes a classy girl.

(The picture of my above was taken by my mom in Rome over the summer)

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