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Skin Secrets

October 12, 2010

What many people (men and women alike) fail to realize is that the changing of seasons isn’t just a time to change our fall wardrobe. During the summer months (at least here in New Jersey), the air is more often humid than dry, not leaving our skin feeling dry and cracked like the winter months. Once fall rolls around, even if it is late this year, we begin to feel a change in the air and in our skin.

Last week I was noticing a change in my skin already, and knew that it was time to switch over to a fall regimen. On Saturday, my mom and I headed straight to our favorite make up artist at Bobbi Brown and came home with a wealth of knowledge about changing skin care regimen’s for the fall season. Now hopefully you already knew some of the things I’ll share with you but did you know…..

1. Does your face feel dry and stiff 5 minutes after a hot shower? Exposing your face under the water in a hot, steamy shower can actually strip your face of the natural oils it needs, giving it that dry and stiff feeling after a few minutes.

2. What type of skin do you have? Most people don’t really know what type of skin they have. Dry? Oily? Combination? Here’s the tricky part- you might think you have oily skin when your face is actually very dry. When our skin is dried out and in need of some moisturizing, our body’s defense mechanism is to produce more oil.

3. Treating oily with oil? Sounds odd right?  Cynthia, (my make up artist) told me that Bobbi Brown first started using her Cleansing Oil product in Asian countries before she released it in the United States. Generally, Asian women are very skin conscious and have a tendency to have oily skin. Bobbi Brown began fighting oily skin with her Cleansing Oil and found that the product did wonders for oily skin types. The product became so popular in Asia that she finally released it in America last year. (Look for the product in my pictures above and below-it is the product on the right in the picture above).

Don’t be alarmed if you didn’t know any of that because I didn’t either! The good news is, it’s not to late to start hydrating your skin for fall! I’ll share with you my fall skin regimen that I do in the morning and before bed. However young you are, it’s never too early to start taking care of you skin! Remember-lots of water, fish oil, and sunscreen are essential!

Begin by turning on your faucet to run luke warm to cool water. No extremes! Too hot and too cold are forbidden!

Now I take my cleansing oil and pump 1-2 small pumps into my palm. Remember, a little goes a long way! Next I rub the oil along my forehead, t-zone area and cheeks and be sure that my entire face and neck are covered. Then I proceed splash water on my face and gently work off the cleansing oil with the water.

Now that my skin is clean, it’s time to go to bed….NO! Unfortunately, after washing their face, most people think their regimen is done! Now that you’ve washed your skin it’s essential to rehydrate user a tone. Here I’m using Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Face Tonic enriched with mineral water and cucumber extract. I simply wet a cotton ball or round and gently rub the ball over my face and neck area. Don’t miss any spots. No matter how amazing the cleanser, nothing ever fully removes everything from your face-hence why tonic is imperative!

This might be the most important step of all-MOISTURIZE! Here I’m using Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Face Cream (I also use the eye cream). First I apply the eye cream under my eyes and along my brow bone making sure that I don’t come to close to my eye. Pay attention when your doing this! Next, I take my face cream and dot it along my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and finally rub it in together for a overall moisturized feel. Voila, your face is prepped and ready to head off for the day’s events, or head to sleep!


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