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Milly vs. Forever 21 Challenge

October 12, 2010
The Challenge: Create a look similar, but of course not identical to (that would be a dream) a $425 Milly dress seen on the runway.
The Rules: Pick one store, and one small budget of $60 or less to create the look!
I loved this Milly look when I saw it on the runway, so I thought I would create the entire look for a fraction of the price of what the dress alone would cost. I decided to turn to Forever 21 as the one store where I would have the best chances of finding a dress, headband, and jewelry for an amazing price. Of course not everything can be identical to the Milly runway look, but I must say I was impressed with how the two looks emulated each other. Here’s what I found….
For $24.80….
I was actually really surprised with how close this dress was to the Milly one. Except for the belt of course, (which I actually thought gave a bit of interest to the dress) it has the same structured feel to it as the runway look. Unlike the Milly dress, I thought the belt gave it a nice separation between the top and bottom and would accent your waist making you look extra tiny which is always is plus.

For $11.80 and $10.80 respectively…..
Although this necklace is slightly different from the embellishments on the dress, I thought it added something to have the black lace and the pearls. Can’t go wrong with that duo, right? It was similar to the flair on the dress, but I thought I’d add my own spin on the look. Each necklace gives a pulled together feel, but they each have their own identity.

For $4.80…..
The outfit wouldn’t be complete without the finishing touch of the headband. Although it’s a bit over the top in the runway shot, I think for this look, my headband choice was a realistic risk. I thought about perhaps toning down the size and “poof factor” of the headband, but I decided to stick to the challenge of recreating the look and play by the my own rules.
The Result:
The total of the outfit came to $52.20. However, what’s equally important to the low cost factor is that the quality and overall feel of the outfit has been maintained and not recreated in a cheap or cheesy way. This challenge proves that with a little time and a little money (who’s complaining about that), you can create a classy, elegant look without the elegant price tag to match.

(This post was previously on my old blog, but I though I’d share again for anyone who had never read it)

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  1. October 12, 2010 3:59 am

    Annie! Thank you so much for reading, I’m so happy you liked it! Milly is fabulous, you need to look at her fall line if you already haven’t! That dress was from the spring line, but you could definitely wear it into fall. Miss you!

  2. Annie Reardon permalink
    October 12, 2010 3:39 am

    I love this! I love Milly and had this exact dress saved to my desktop! Love this blog your the best

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