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Sexy Back

June 11, 2014




It’s no secret that I live in dresses pretty much year around and especially so in the summer when nothing is easier than slipping into a little sundress. I picked out some dresses above and below that aren’t only pretty in the front, but have sexy details in the back as well. Worn with your hair in a low pony, side fishtail braid or just pushed over you shoulder, these dresses are sure to draw some attention to your back this summer. All that’s missing now? A nice summer glow to show off that toned back. This one’s for you, Leann…



Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer

May 27, 2014


It’s no secret that fashion is art and vice versa but it is truly exciting when we can look back on classics and pull from them amazing outfits that still are chic for even today’s standards. Decades after they are painted, (such as the Edgar Degas above), we see tulle skirts being the main focus in the painting. Today, full skirts are very flattering to most body types and when cinched at the waist and hit you in just the right way, they have a tendency to accentuate all the right features of your body. Below I pulled a few tulle skirts for some inspiration…


Ballerina chic


Edgy meets feminine


Prim and proper meets retro

….which tulle skirt defines your style?

Plush Fashion Styling & Keaton Row

May 15, 2014


This week has really had its ups and downs and the ups have been very exciting news to say the least. After an exciting interview on Saturday, I am happy to say that I got a new job! I’m so proud of how far I’ve come in the past month being that I’ve only been out of the hospital a month and two days and already feel good enough to go back to work. What will I be doing? I’m going to be assisting stylist Kimberly Garret Rosen this summer being an assistant stylist to her and helping her run her highly successful business called Plush Fashion Styling. Of all the jobs/internships that I’ve had over the past few years I’m particularly excited about this one because I really feel this is the path I’m meant to head down and what better way to find out & learn than to be someone’s assistant.


The second bit of good news? I’m now a stylist with the budding company Keaton Row. This amazing company allows everyday women to be paired up with stylists and shop through online lookbooks that their stylists create especially for them. If you’re interested in having me create a lookbook for you, feel free to contact me, or leave me a comment and I’d be happy to create whatever look you might need (free of charge!) for whatever your budget might be.

The Look For Less: Palm Beach Addition

April 16, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 3.36.28 PM

Three weeks ago while I was away in Palm Beach, I walked into a Seaman Schepps store for the very first time. I had been familiar with the brand because of a jewelry store called F. Gerald New near my house which carries pieces from the line but I never realized the beauty, originality and craftsmanship* that goes into making each piece until my mom and I tried on a few things and spent a while chatting with the wonderful sales person.

Warning! The prices are scary, {hence, why I made a “Look for Less” post}, but the pictures simply DO NOT do the gems justice. Everything from rings to broaches and bracelets to necklaces outfit the exquisite jewelry cases in the store. Think of a candy store for grown ups and you’ll land yourself somewhere in the middle of a Seaman Schepps store. In doing some research, which I refer to as “fashion stalking”, I knew I could find a similar pair of earrings to the original ones I saw in the store and after some hunting, I found the perfect pair above from a company called Natobie Jewels right here in New Jersey.

*Fact about the amazing craftsmanship behind the line: at the NYC headquarters where the pieces are made, there is a person who works there whose job is to find two similar stones and match them up for a pair of earrings (be it shells, gems, etc.).*

The Chambray Way

March 7, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 5.39.56 PM


If you know me, you know that finding me in jeans is a very rare sighting. As I’ve begun to get older, I’m starting to embrace the idea of wearing pants that enhance and hug my curves while still looking pulled together. Before I transition into full blow casual (I really don’t think I could ever pull it off to be honest!), I’m looking forward to trying one of my favorite upcoming Spring trends; denim on denim. Above, I’ve put together a few tops that I felt looked comfortable and yet still would be perfect if paired with a denim pencil skirt or even white, light or dark wash jeans. Each piece offers a different style and wash, ranging from a more structured, formal (as formal as denim gets) shirt as we see in the Victoria Beckham piece, to a more relaxed and easygoing light wash like we see with the Madewell shirt. Whatever you prefer, chambray is the way for Spring.

Floral Arrangement: Ted Baker

February 25, 2014


I realize the collage above might be a bit visually overwhelming, but if you can break it apart and look at the pieces individually, you’ll see how chic each piece truly is. I first fell in love with Ted Baker when I worked in the boutique Paradise during my senior year of college and soon enough after I fell it love, it began popping up in Bloomingdales and other boutiques I shop at as well. For Spring, the British designer is showing lots of florals and ladylike silhouettes. The bag above, (which I have seen in person), has amazing craftsmanship and styling for a price point that you simply can’t beat.  Being a statement bag, this is something I’d pair with a chic black shift and black patent leather pumps to work and then transition the outfit into dinner or drinks with friends later in the day without feeling too under or overdressed. The skirt above would be perfect for going to tea or even to wear on Easter Sunday or to a welcoming Spring party. The dress above comes in a variety of different prints and would be ideal paired with a textured ponytail for a special occasion or night out to a club with friends. Check out the Ted Baker section of Bridgewater Mall in Bridgewater, NJ and their amazing staff will help you just like they helped me pick out a few of my new favorite dresses (all Ted Baker, of course). I’ll be revealing my purchases over the next few weeks once (or shall I say if), it ever warms up and I’m finally able to wear them!



Fornasetti Finds

February 25, 2014


When I stumbled upon Fornasetti for the first time, it was while I was perusing the Barney’s website. It instantly reminded me of another designer I love named John Derian and right away I was drawn to the unique cup and saucer sets and scented candles. Though expensive, the designs of Fornasetti, (especially the lip print), are artsy, unique, interesting and definitely a conversation piece made for any china collection. What I love about the pieces is that in a way they’re slightly creepy (depending on what creeps you out), and deviate from my usual pretty and lady like taste that I tend to gravitate towards.